UK start up, Kitchen Pro, launch their Ferris™ flavour wheel on Kickstarter

Written by Marcus Hacker on Monday 29 August 2016


CARDIFF, UK.  30th AUGUST 2016

Welsh startup, Kitchen Pro, announced today that it is raising funds via a rewards crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to finish the development of their modern take on the spice rack.  The company set out to raise £2,000 on Kickstarter to finish development and produce the first batch of their spice rack, Ferris™ that helps people add flavour to their cooking.

A home cooked meal is one of life's pleasures, especially when that meal tastes great.  Chefs know that adding flavour when you cook is the key to great tasting food, but home cooks often miss it out completely. It can be too much effort to dig around in the cupboard for the herbs and spices you need to liven up your cooking.

Kitchen Pro are bringing the traditional spice rack bang upto-date and have enhanced it with carefully selected herbs and spices to enable home cooks to create delicious masterpieces.  Ferris™ makes accessing herbs and spices so easy you’ll be adding flavour to your meals every time you cook. Inspired by the fairground Ferris wheel, Ferris™, rotates smoothly with the slightest touch to put your spices conveniently at your fingertips.

‘Spice racks have long been overlooked but they are a great way to keep stock of great flavours that will really liven up your cooking.’

Ferris™ contains a selection of the most useful herbs and spices from the world's best spice markets.  It is important to have a stock of herbs and spices that work well with a variety of dishes and so Kitchen Pro has specially selected a range of 15 versatile herbs and spices that also keep well in their dried form.

Ferris™ Deluxe

Kitchen Pro has also launched a luxury version of Ferris™ called Ferris™ Deluxe, complete with a hand finished bamboo frame to elevate its classic British design.

About Kitchen Pro

Kitchen Pro was established in Cardiff in 2012 by Marcus Hacker.  Ferris™ is Kitchen Pro’s first product and has already generated a lot of interest from high street retailers internationally.



Media Contact: Marcus Hacker, Founder

Kitchen Pro

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A pre-release preview of the Kickstarter campaign is available at:  Please note that this preview will be disabled after the 1st September launch.


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