Introducing Ferris™ Indian Spice Market

Written by Marcus Hacker on Sunday 11 September 2016


Thanks to the phenomenal success of Ferris™ and Ferris™ Deluxe on Kickstarter we are launching a very special edition to the Ferris™ family exclusively on

Ferris™ Indian Spice Market

The first spice rack specifically curated for people who are passionate about curry, packed full with whole spices ready to be mixed, roasted and ground as required to make delicious aromatic curries. 
If you love to make curry from scratch you’ll know that the best flavour comes from freshly roasted whole spices, Ferris™ Indian Spice Market is for you.
India has always been the centre of the international spice trade with connections from North Africa through to East Asia and Ferris™ Indian Spice Market brings together a fusion of the most aromatic and flavour packed spices from India’s best spice markets in one great spice rack. 
Ferris™ has all the flavours you’ll need to make amazing tasting hot and aromatic dishes from across the globe.
Included in Ferris™ Indian Spice Market;
• Whole cumin seeds
• Whole coriander seeds
• Cayenne pepper
• Ground turmeric
• Cinnamon sticks
• Whole birds eye chillies
• Whole fennel seeds
• Whole black cardamom pods
• Whole cardamom pods
• Whole mustard seeds
• Whole fenugreek seeds
• Bay leaves
• Garam masala
• Paprika
• Hot chilli powder