Ferris™: The World’s Best Spice Rack.  Flavor at your fingertips.

Written by Marcus Hacker on Monday 05 September 2016


CARDIFF, Wales September 2, 2016 - Tired of digging around in the cupboard for herbs and spices, the Welsh startup Kitchen Pro created a modern, easy access take on the spice rack, helping people add flavour to their cooking every day.

Inspired by the fairground Ferris wheel, Ferris™ features a classic British design fitted with an easy glide turning mechanism and soft grip handles, rotating smoothly with the slightest touch allowing anyone to access their herbs easily.  In addition, the Ferris™ comes with 15 refillable glass jars fitted with dual sprinkle and pour lids.  Placing the utmost importance on having a stock of herbs and spices that work in a variety of dishes, Kitchen Pro has specially selected a range of 15 versatile herbs and spices from the world’s best spice markets, that keep well in their dried form, bringing professional level flavors to one of life’s greatest pleasures: the home cooked meal. 

“Nothing brings people together quite like sharing food. Chefs know that adding flavour when you cook is the key to a great tasting meal, but home cooks often miss out on that completely. In everyday life, it can be too much effort to dig around in the cupboard for the herbs and spices you need to liven up your cooking. What better way to facilitate that connection with an elegant design and organization.  Spice racks have long been overlooked but they are a great way to keep stock of great flavours that will really liven up your cooking,” elaborates Marcus Hacker, founder of Kitchen Pro. 

Passionate about food and design, Hacker established Kitchen Pro in 2010 to follow his dream of bringing products he loves to market. Kitchen Pro’s design ethos is to help makes people’s lives better by developing great products to enhance their cooking.  With Hacker’s experience in product development and source manufacturing, he has teamed up with a renowned homeware design consultancy and a world class kitchenware manufacturer to create Ferris™ to the highest possible standards.

Those interested in Ferris™ can pre-order it on Kickstarter until October 1, 2016.  Because each Ferris™ is hand finished, there are a limited number available for pre-order.  Kitchen Pro has also launched a luxury version of Ferris™ called Ferris™Deluxe, complete with a hand finished bamboo frame.